I love playing with Clay

But….with kids I knew there had to be a cheaper option….There was, read on


I tested out quite a few recipes and the one below was fantastic!!
Easy to make, cheap to make and felt like real clay.
It was easy to work with, we had a lot of fun with this batch.

What you need:

3/4 cup white PVA Glue (Just a cheapo bottle from the $2 store works great).

1 Cup Cornflour

2 Tsp Baby Oil

2 Tsp Lemon Juice

How to make: (So easy)

Put all your ingredients together in an old pot or saucepan and mix well to combine (sounds like a cooking class doesn’t it?)

Mix constantly over low to medium heat, this takes about 10 minutes, keep it moving so it can’t burn.

After this amount of time it should be thickening right up and coming away from the sides, it may look like a lumpy mashed potato but that’s ok!

You want one big ball in the middle that is holding itself together well.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool until you can handle the clay without burning yourself.

Knead to a smooth consistency, If you need to, you can add a little bit more cornflour. If it’s really really sticky then it needs to be cooked more. (I took my first attempt off the stove too early and I needed a ridiculous amount of cornflour to make a dough, this does NOT make a nice dough, trust me, just cook it some more instead).

Store your clay wrapped in cling wrap in a cool dark place.

After creating your masterpieces you can let them air dry for a couple of days or to speed things up a little use the oven – Heat the oven up to about 180 degrees, turn oven off and let clay dry in the cooling oven.

NOTE: You can colour the clay with small amounts of acrylic paint or food colourings – I used to make cakes and the food colour pastes from cake stores are amazing, you only need a small amount to colour the dough, if you don’t have this on hand though just go for regular food colouring or paint.


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