I’ve been checking out some ideas to re-do our headboard at home and was impressed with the DIY designs out there, There are some really clever ideas that I just had to share.

I’m yet to decide which way to go especially with so many options, have a look, which one do you like the most?

The Barn Door

This headboard is proud and prominent, I love the rustic feel.

If it’s a chunky design you’re after this could just be it.

DIY Barn door bedhead

We found this tutorial here

 Repurposed Door

This is a great idea, I love that you can use the panels for alternate colours and really bring it to life.


We found this tutorial here

Vintage Style

This design is gorgeous!

I love the pastel fabric but the best thing about this is that you can choose the perfect fabric for you.


We found this tutorial here

Floating Headboard

A super simple idea that makes a real statement

You can stain the timber as in the tutorial but don’t forget you could also paint it or use budget boards and fabric cover them.


We found this tutorial here

Timber Look Fabric

How cool is this fabric?

That’s some awesome looking timber, minus the weight and the price tag…

timber fabric_opt

We found this tutorial here

Open Books

This is perfect for a night book worm and something totally unique.


We found this tutorial here

Timber Rounds

Rustic is definitely the word for this look, The timber provides a really cozy feel.

wood rounds_opt

We found this tutorial here


For another effect all together opt for a canopy.


Picture found here

Fabric Ruffles

How cute is this! A sweet girlie design, love it!


We found this tutorial here

Timber Panels

Stylish light timber panels, of course, you could go for dark or painted too but I kinda like the light timber.

wood panels_opt

We found this tutorial here

Fabric Covered

Of course, fabric is a great option, you can cover any size or style backboard in any colour, A very versatile choice.

fabric covered

We found this tutorial here

Storage Headboard

Ok we always need more storage so it goes without saying that this one looks good whilst providing extra spaces, we love that.


We found this tutorial here


Now this is really cool, you can get so creative with your lighting design.

You can create your design depending on how much light you need too.


Inspiration found here


Handy handy handy!

This is awesome and allows you to vary your design as often as you want just by changing what you hang.


We found this tutorial here


I just had to include an upholstered design with buttons.

The tufted headboards are just classic, clean and I love them.


We found this tutorial here

Rope Design

Very do-able and really cool! This is something awesomely different!



Horizontal Ruffles

Such a sweet look, This would work well in my daughter’s bedroom.


So, what won your vote?  Hard to choose just one isn’t it ….


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