So many of us love our pets AND we love our beds too!

Why not make a bed your pet will love.

Check out these unique ideas for your pets.

Basket Bed

I love the homey feel to this bed, you’d just want to take him on a picnic wouldn’t you?


Source – Unknown

Suitcase Bunks Beds

Seriously cool cat!

Oh and the bed is pretty cool too…


Source – Unknown

Suitcase Bed

Looking rather regal isn’t he? Wonder what brand the suitcase is?


Source – Mox and Fodder

Another Suitcase Bed

This one leaves the lid on, great for storing your pets toys.

suitcase 2_opt

Source – Unknown

Converted Wine Barrel Bed

This is one of my faves, very clever and very good looking!

wine barrel bed_opt

Source – The Gilded Horn

Recycled Tyre Bed

Simple and cute, They seem to love curling up in circles.


Source – Practically Functional

Tennis Ball Bed

Ok, this one is different but I really like it.

tennis balls_opt

Source – Unknown

Upcycled TV Unit Bed

We’ve all thrown old cabinets away, maybe keep the next one?

tv console_opt

Source – Unknown

Red Wagon Bed

So Playful, A bright fun choice.

red wagon_opt

Source – Country Living

Monitor Bed

Tech savvy pet owners might like this one.


Source – Unknown

Boxed Bed

I love the fact that this one is raised off the ground, a bit of modern.

boxed bed_opt

Source – Our Nerd Home

Pallet Bed

Ok Pallets seem to turn into anything but I hadn’t seen this one yet.


Source – 101 Pallets

Metal Bucket Bed

Another simple idea that looks great.


Source – Unknown

Bedside Crate Bed

Keeping your precious ones close at night.


Source – Woodshop Diaries

Upside Down Side Table Bed

This cat looks deserving of a 4 poster style bed.


Source – Unknown

Used Sweater Bed



Source – Wikihow

No Sew Bed

I love no sew anything!

no sew_opt

Source – Luigi and me

Drawers Bed

Easy and quite cute.


Source – Liz Marie Blog

Milk Crate Bed

Another clever conversion.


Source – Crafted Niche

Under Cabinet Bed

This just looks stylish, he’s a definite member of the family with digs like that!


Source – Unknown

So….which one suits you and your pet??

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  • July 7, 2016 at 9:12 am

    Thanks so much, I’m really glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • July 7, 2016 at 9:13 am

    I definitely plan on adding video tutorials 🙂
    They will be coming soon, Thanks for your comments.


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