I love my new vases…

The best part ….. they were cheap and easy to make


You need:
  • An old vase
  • Paint for your base cover
  • Clay
  • Rolling Pin
  • Knife
  • Circles to use as cutters
  • Small Paint Brush

The first thing I did was clean my unused old vases, then I gave them a nice coat of paint, I used black spray paint.

Let dry, I gave mine 2 coats of satin black.




Now they’re dry and ready to go I got out the clay, I used an air dry clay for this project.

Use a rolling pin to roll out one section at a time big enough to cover one side.

I slightly dampened the vase with some water (just with a wash cloth) so the clay would stick  to the vase well. I laid my rolled section of clay on top and cut away all 4 edges leaving one side neatly covered.

Carry on covering until all 4 sides are covered.

I found the edges blended well together, dip your fingers in water and blend the edges into each other.


Once I was happy with the covering I started on the circles, I used anything I could find to cut out different sized circles.

I used cake piping tips, cookie cutters and some strange round toy from the kids room ???? Oh well it worked whatever it was….

Cut out circles and remove them, make a random design or go with a planned idea, I like my spots to have no rhyme or reason but to still look balanced.


I had already decided to make the second vase an opposite of the first so instead of cutting out spots I wanted to apply spots.

For this reason, I kept the spots I cut out from the first vase and stuck them to the second.

Once I was happy with my spots I wanted to tidy them up a bit so I dampened a small paint brush with water and gently went around the inside of the spots smoothing them out.

Now put your vase somewhere safe to dry. This should only take about a day.

Enjoy your spots.


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