We always need extra storage, especially in the kitchen, the hub of the home.


Let’s find new locations for a few things and clear some space.

Under sink storage

Jen from A Thousand Words has created a great way to make some extra space under the sink.

A tension rod has been used to create a hanging rack (genius).

She has also organised the non-hanging items in baskets keeping it all nice and tidy.

Under sink rod by jen thousand words_opt
Tension or Curtain Rod for some under sink ‘Hang Space’

Source – Jen Thousand Words

Magnetic under shelf spice rack

If you love to cook and bake then you probably have many herbs and spices in your kitchen.

If you’re anything like me they’re taking up space in your pantry and it takes time to find the one you want (as it’s generally the one buried at the back).

This way is functional, looks great and doesn’t take any bench or shelf space. Winner right?

Under shelf magnetic spice jars

Source – Instructables

Corkboard organisation

I just love this one, simple to create and oh so handy.

You can make this totally your own whether it stores baking utensils or just hangs your fave recipes and reminders.

I think a weights & measuring converter chart would be extra handy here!

cork board by My so called home_opt
Corkboard Organiser

Source – My so called home

DIY knife block

If you don’t have a safe place for your knives this is for you.

A clever and really simple way to store your sharps, the best part is you can make this to suit your own decor.

knife holder 1_opt
Make your own knife block

 Source – feliciakramer.blogspot.com.au

Next to fridge roll out cabinet

I think this is my favourite! I have a huge gap in my fridge space so this is happening in my house asap.

Ok, so this may take a little more work than the others but is definitely worth the challenge.

The amount of storage it creates is amazing!

side cabinet tutorial_opt
Handy roll out cabinet next to fridge

Source – Classy Clutter

Extra Storage Cabinet

If you have a little-unused nook or corner why not add a cute extra cupboard.

A fun project if you have one that needs doing up as you can paint and create the perfect look.

Otherwise find a nice slim cabinet online or even scour the second-hand stores.

tin can storage Projects 156_opt
Storage for those extras

Source – Love of family and home

Hanging storage baskets

I love this idea for hanging your fruit and vegetables.

Use your imagination and hang whatever needs hanging.

hanging baskets on rod_opt

Hang some baskets to keep shelves clear

Source – The Kitchn

Industrial Shelves

If you have a blank wall, use it!

This is fantastic and the industrial shelves can be purchased from Ikea, Yay!

wall shelves
Hang some wall shelving

Source – Young house love

Pot Lid Storage

Metal towel rails provide a whole different purpose here, Great thinking!

Pot lids do get in the way so this is a helpful tip for sure.

You need a simple rail that stands out about 2 inches.

pot lid storage_opt
Install towel rails for pot lids

Source – Martha Stewart

Basket Organisation

You have to admit, this looks so much better and I bet we could find items easier too.

Find some nice baskets and use chalkboard painted tags for labelling.

Use Baskets to keep things tidy

Source – Design Dining and Diapers

Tension rod dividers

Well, this is just clever.

Using tension rods you can create the exact amount of spaces needed and at the exact size too.

pantry dividers_opt
Tension rods create dividers

Source – Martha Stewart

Magnetic Storage

If you have a metal island take advantage and use it as magnetic storage.

magnetic storage_opt
Magnetic Storage

Source – Better Homes and Gardens

Magnetic Fridge Shelves

Using magnets again transform plastic racks into extra shelving to pop on the side of the fridge.

Might as well use those empty fridge sides!

magnetic shelves fridge
Magnetic Fridge Shelves

Source – Instructables

DIY Wall Shelves

More shelving ideas for any extra wall space.

This creates a whole extra look in your kitchen too, use timber stain or paint the perfect colour to match.

Add shelving to use your walls

Source – The Style Eater

Fridge Turntables

A simple idea that just makes digging into the fridge easier.

This will save the spills and drops when you reach back for something and knock the front bottles out..oops

fridge turntable_opt
Add Turntables to your fridge

Source – Martha Stewart

Shelves within shelves

Create layers to add space, not all items in your pantry need height.

Stacking is definitely the way to go.

extra shelves in cupboards_opt
Add shelving inside your existing shelves

Cookbook Storage

This would make another great ‘fill the fridge gap’ project.

Keep your recipes close and it also makes a nice display.

cookbook area_opt
Cookbook Storage

Source – Better Homes and Gardens

Magazine Rack Storage

I should have thought of this, I could save an entire drawer this way.

Magazine Rack Hack

Source – The Wandmakersmother

Pegboard Organisation

Another perfect wall filler and this one saves a whole cupboard.

Pegboards and hooks don’t cost a lot so this is an affordable way to make space.

Pegboard Organising

Source – Paper Blog

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