Luxurious Handmade Soap Gift



A simple and cost-effective pressie that looks and smells beautiful.

All you need for this project are some pretty jars (I got 4 for $3 at the reject shop), some ribbon and bars of soap of your chosen colour and scent.

It couldn’t be easier, grate your soaps with your kitchen grater (make sure you clean it well afterwards or your dinner may taste a bit too clean!).

Layer in the colours however you wish, that’s all there is to it (you can google sand art jars for layering inspiration).

They can enjoyed as a bath soak that smells heavenly.


They look extra cute with labels too.

They look extra cute with labels too.
  • I decided to fill a shallow glass dish with some spare shavings as a pretty air freshener for the bathroom.
  • You could also gift together with a cute little wooden spoon so they can be scooped out easily.

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