Hi, I’m Jacqui…..or to anyone who knows me, just Jack


Hmmmm, who am I?

This took awhile … its really hard to sum ourselves up isn’t it?

I don’t want to say ‘a mum’ because I’m not just a mum (don’t get me wrong I love them to bits), I don’t want to say a lady (because…well my friends might have something to say about that) I’m too old to be a girl, I nearly said chick but I didn’t peck my way out of an egg so I’ve settled for gal, yep that sounds pretty good.

I’m a 37 year old gal who lost 10 years somewhere because damn that crept up!!

So to bullet point, I’m …….

-A gal with a hubby and 4 kiddos between the ages of 18 & 2 (I know, I know, talk about dragging it out).

-Someone who’s mind wont stop thinking about what I might make, cook or paint next.

-Someone who loves to entertain friends and enjoy a wine or 2 (or 3) – Why did I say wine?? It just sounds better doesn’t it, I don’t mind a bit of red but to be honest my heart belongs to Mr Beam.

-Someone who loves a good book, to the point of wanting to devour it all in one big fat go. (Why do kids and husbands interrupt so often)!

-Someone who tries to be healthy but fails alot of the time due to my love of carbs and chocolate. (Did someone say chocolate).

-Someone who sings loudly in the car (but pretends not to be if someone pulls up next to me, I keep humming but my antics are hugely subdued).

-Someone who dances by myself while cleaning the house (because I don’t do it well in public, Its downright scary really).

-Someone who prefers a good tavern with a pool table and a band rather than a fancy restaurant where somewhere wants to put a napkin on my lap (My husband & I labelled ourselves burgers and chips people after being taken out once for blue cheese and baby octopus) haha, my husbands face when he tried them still makes me laugh.

-Someone who would love my home to look like the front cover of a magazine but understands this is not possible with a naked 2 year old dumping teapots of pebbles on my dining room floor.

-Sometimes I care, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I help, sometimes I wont. (Depends on the day really, I am female……or should I say human to be politically correct to someone who may be offended, these days who knows)!

Whoa, that just kept going once I got started!

Okay so I think im just like everyone im writing for, regular people (who for some reason have decided to keep reading) I’m normal, I’m not perfect and I’ve finally given up trying to be, I’m a dreamer and I have different ideas every day, (which by the way drives my husband insane).

Hopefully I can share my crazy non stop mind and all of these ideas with you and more importantly I hope you get something you feel you can take away.

My 2016 resolution is super simple – Be me

You do it too (Well don’t be me, that would be weird but you know what I mean).

If you do need the serious side (Yeah I suppose there is a wee bit of one….sometimes), I’ve spent most of my working life in Admin but am at home with the kiddies for now, I did have a nice achievement last year with my idea to make beautiful seats from discarded tyres, this concept made the final 5 of the Australian Innovation Challenge Awards in the backyard innovators category. I did get a nice mention from Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate too so those accomplishments absolutely made my 2015.

More than anything it gave me the confidence to soldier on and realise that ideas really are everything.

My Motto – Onward and upward!




Aus Inn Challenge Newspaper Pic
My top 5 achievement for the Australian Innovation Challenge Awards. Click here to read the full article written by The Australian.


outdoor tyre seats  tyre seats



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