Do you have too many decks of kids cards laying around?

I certainly did….

2016-03-18 09_opt

Here are a few different ways to use their favourites without throwing them out and upsetting the kids.



2016-03-18 10_opt
Frame an assortment for display on shelves or to hang on the wall. I chose a dark wrapping paper to glue the cards to. The opposite side of the cards had the Mr Men logo so I cut that from the unused cards to paste in between.

2016-03-20 12_opt
Use a set of canvas’ and decorate to match the theme,  these princess cards were covered in a shimmery fabric. I used a staple gun to add the necklace chain from behind and some stickers on the front for extra decoration.

2016-03-20 11_opt
These cars cards became an art feature above the window where we had a narrow piece of wall, All I did was cover a long thin piece of ply (stiff cardboard would work too) in scrap black fabric and glued the cut out cards to that, my son loves being able to see the characters now.

2016-03-18 11_opt
These cards simply decorated a large cardboard tube to become a storage container, Its certainly nicer to look at than brown cardboard.

So I got away with throwing some out but at least thier favourites have a special place now.


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