Do you have tired used kids stools?

They are too handy to throw away but we can make them look fresh again … and in any colours your little ones like best

I had some previously marbled stools but wanted some fresh new colours for the kids. This ends up being a win win as now I get to make a tutorial too and show you all how easy it is.

Firstly prep your old stools, give them a good sand. You don’t have to get it right back to bare as the paint we layer on is quite thick however you do want a smooth surface and you also want the paint to adhere well. Once I had it nice and smooth I gave the old white paint a freshen up with a few layers of spray paint (you could brush if you prefer).

Let the legs dry up well before moving on to the next step (I recommend overnight).


I then prepared for the painty mess I was about to create, I use painters tape to make a clean edge around the base, I then went crazy with plastic and made sure no paint was going to touch my clean white legs.

Now, hopefully you’ve chosen your colours, I like to use a few different shades of the same colour but you can go as simple or as out there as you like. Ive used tubes of acrylic paint that you can pick up in the dollar stores but around $3 each. Empty your paint into plastic or paper cups (you will need around 6 cups with paint about 1/3 of the way up the cup).

You then need to thin the paint down with water, you want to make it pourable. Just make sure you don’t mix your paint with more than 50% water, if you add too much water you risk losing the adhesive quality of the paint. (by separating the paint polymers too far from each other).


Once you have your colours mixed, you are ready to go, this is the fun part, make sure your bench or floor is covered well as there will be plenty of paint drips.

Start by pouring different colours onto your stool top in your own artistic way. Then start to tip and roll your stool and let the paint make awesome patterns as it moves. You can keep adding paint and tilting until you are happy with your design, Make sure you let the paint coat the stool edges too and when you are happy let as much paint drip off the top as possible.


Now to be patient and just let it dry, with paint this thick it could take a couple of days, I left mine alone for about 3 days in a safe place to make sure it was completely dry.

When completely dry you can coat your stool with a varnish, you can use a can and brush or roll it on or use a clear acrylic from a spray can.

This time around I have tried the clear acrylic in a spray can. Last time around I used polyurethane from a can and that particular stool is still going strong over a year later with no knicks or dents in the paintwork (And I have 4 children so it’s a well-used stool, not just sitting pretty in a corner).

These are the finished stools made for my 2 youngest kiddies.


This is one I had done awhile ago.



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