I do love beautiful home decor.
A beautiful vase or tray on a side table just looks gorgeous.
However, sometimes it can get tricky finding pretty fillers to display with them.

Have a look below for some different ideas that are simple yet look fantastic.
Don’t Forget: If you want water for flowers you can always insert a glass into the vase and fill around that.



Thumb Tack Balls

Simple and you can co-ordinate your colours, thumb tacks stuck into polystyrene balls, clever!




Source – landeeseelandeedo

String Balls

This is so simple, a more natural look.

String Balls_opt

Source – Unknown

Split Peas

Who would have thought to use split peas, but wow! they look great!

split pea pic_opt

Source – Two twenty-one

Scrabble Tiles

This is really cool, something you would never think to use as a vase filler.

This has to make you think about other game items you may have lying around.

GardeniaBouquet - scrabble fillers_opt

Source – Lia Griffith

Bouncy Balls

I love this for a kids party!


Source – Cheerful Events


Well, this is just pure beauty, I would love this in my bathroom.

sand and shells_opt

Source-  Unknown


Another natural look.


Source – Mimosa Flowers

Candles and Rocks

DIY Wedding centerpieces here I come.

candle on rocks_opt

Source – Unknown

Cereal and Gumballs

The colour here grabs hold of me, so cute!

cereal gunballs_opt

Source – blog.amyatlas

 Coffee Bean Fillers

Spray paint coffee beans in any colour you choose and voila!

gold coffee beans_opt
gold coffee beans 2_opt

Source – Vicki Barone & This Grateful Mama

Other Beans Spray painted

In fact, spray paint any dried beans…

sprayed beans_opt

Source – Unknown

Lollies – of course!

This lolly colour just works with these flowers.


Source – Unknown

Spray painted Sticks

This is beautiful, Again pick your fave colour (I loooove the gold though).


Source – Unknown


Pinecones are great, I have some multicoloured spray painted pinecones.


Source – Unknown

Glitter Painted Rocks

For some affordable glam just paint some rocks, turn rocks into rockstars!


Source – Unknown

Magnet Letters

Another great idea for items you may otherwise throw away.


Source – Hub Pages

Spray Painted Thrift Shop Fruit

I love these! Spray Paint some cheapo plastic fruit, looks amazing!


Source – Unknown


AND……Of course beautiful fruit, citrus works well and green apples look beautiful too.


Source – Unknown

 Well that should keep your vases full for awhile.
We would love to hear any other ideas you may have.


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