Make a poncho in an Hour….. Honestly, that’s all it takes!

What you need:

One Fleece Blanket, throw or square of fleece material. (I got a Woolworth’s fleece blanket for $7)


Yep, that’s all!



How to Make:

Firstly grab your fabric (Have it folded in half so that the folded edge is at the top), we need to work out the length you want, as you can see by my pics this is not an exact science, I was making this for my little girl so went off one of her shirts and added a bit extra (I probably could have added a wee bit more, you’ll see the finished one on her though and can decide if you want to allow extra).

We then need to create the semi-circle, what I did was use a length of string/cord as a guide, I tacked it to the work bench just above the fold and cut it at end of the fabric which is the length I decided to use.

You can then swing your string around (keeping it taut) and you will get an even semi-circle, Hold a piece of chalk at the end and draw a guide line on your fleece (I say chalk as it washes off extra easily). You can then cut this semi-circle out.


We are then going to cut out a head hole, Use a round bowl or pattern to trace around, use whoever will be wearing it for a guide for the size, If it’s a little big (as mine was) that’s ok because this design allows for a tighten up with a drawstring.


To make the edges prettier draw an inner circle with chalk to mark for your tassels (personal choice here) Mine were about 4 cm (the smaller you make them the harder it is to tie the knots in the next step, I wouldn’t go shorter than 4cm for that reason). Cut up to your line and then knot off each individual tassel (The thinner you’ve cut the tassels the longer this will take).


I then decided to add a decorative edge to the neck hole, I made splits all the way around which I could then thread more fabric through. I cut the edging from the same fleece blanket, it had a nice edge and the colour matched.

I weaved my edging in and out of the slits and tied off at the end.


Thats it, your done!!

Quick, Easy, Cheap and soooo cute.





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