This was an old timber bedhead no longer in use.

It has a totally different purpose now.

use this


With a few accessories and some paint my old bedhead became my new wall office organiser.

It was pretty easy going, the size was perfect, I decided on a greeny teal colour with black accents.

First I painted my headboard and slats and screwed everything together, then I added the largest elements like the whiteboard and corkboard.

A few little baskets  were added to create pen cups etc, I screwed in some hooks to hang scissors and other items. I also hung more organisers from those hooks.

I made 2 book holders (from blank timber placemats you buy from bunnings and some timber triangle wedges I cut from ply at home).

A couple of shelves were attached to the base and sides for even more room.

I had some photo frames at home so I painted the frames to match.

And that’s it! a space saving wall organiser by recycling old furniture.
A handy solution for when you don’t have a lot of space.






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