Framed Clay Scene

I had a frame that had broken glass, this is what I decided to do with it.


What I Used:
  • Box photo frame
  • Home Made Clay – Get Recipe here
  • Fabric (You could also use paper or even paint your own background)
  • A Real Stick
  • Food Colourings or Paints (To colour your clay)
  • Assorted Tools for the Clay (I pulled out forks, a pizza cutter, knives etc)

How to Make:

I really think this method is a go crazy and do what you like method, you could create all sorts of scenes from all sorts of materials and tools.

I’ll let you know my steps for the frame I created but you can let your mind wander all over the place and create something perfect for you.

  • First I needed to make a background for my scene, I found some scrap fabric in a bright grassy green.
  • I cut the fabric to a size a bit bigger than my frame and wrapped it over the edges to glue to the back, I then put the backing board back into the frame.


  • Now I went wandering, I wanted to find the perfect stick to lean over inside the frame and hold the swing, Once found I cut it to make the perfect fit.
  • I knew I wanted to cover it in clay (you can leave the stick natural if you like), I wanted a more animated look to match my scene and covering a real stick meant I had a nice shape and also used less clay!
  • I decided to mix a few colours together to make it look more natural, I mixed a dark brown, a light brown and some black. I twisted and turned and mixed until I thought it looked nice and then covered my branch. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, trees aren’t perfect, a little character goes a long way.
  • The branch fitted well inside the frame when I was done but I popped a spot of superglue where it met the frame just to make sure it stayed put.

scene5 opt
scene6 opt
scene7 opt
scene8 opt

  • Now for my swing, All I did here was glue some coloured paddle pop sticks together leaving a slight gap between the 2, I fed some thin wire through the gap (you could use string, fishing line or even pipe cleaners) and bent it up underneath so it was attached to the swing. Another few dots of superglue made sure everything stayed still. Attach the other end to the branch.
  • Now to make the cute things, I really did wing it here, I googled cute clay animals and found some pics for inspiration.


  • I decided on some cute animals and did my best to put them together. It’s just like being a little kid with playdough again. I also made a few rocks and a little tree stump.
  • Let your creatures dry as per the clay instructions and then you can put it all together, use glue to hold them in place.

Now you’ve finished think about how many other scenes are possible to create, your fave past-times like fishing or baking etc, the possibilities are endless….enjoy!


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