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When we moved into this home we had a million spare pots left from the previous owners in the greenhouse, I didn’t want to throw them away but I knew I wasn’t going to be potting that many plants in them either (I tend to kill any plant I touch)!!

We came up with this as a solution rather than throwing them away, It kept the kids busy and used up some of the countless tins of spray paint I had floating around too (I do love paint).

Firstly we gathered our supplies, bits and pieces from our craft collection and items from my daughters dress up gear, some plants and grandfathers beard from the garden for hair.

We threaded rope through the drain holes in the pot bottoms and tied knots inside each one to keep them attached to each other, this worked well the arms and legs.

The head and body pots were glued together base to base.

We put soil in the top pots (the head) and used plants etc for hair, The kids enjoyed adding the decorative items after they were built.

They look great and the kids visit them all the time.

One tip I do have is to fill your base pot up with something heavy, I forgot to do this and because we filled the tops with soil for the “hair” they became pretty top heavy….oops.

Garden friend2
Garden friend3
Garden friend1











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