Create this amazing art for your wall from Fabric and Recycled Cardboard Tubes.

Read Below for instructions on how to create this yourself



Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard Tubes (I have used tubes from rolls of fabric and smaller ones from al foil rolls etc, If you don’t have any try asking your local fabric store, they should have plenty, sturdy tubes work much better, if they are too flimsy they will squash and bend as you work with them).
  • Fabric of your choice (I’m using different shades of denim this time, go with what you like, different patterns of the same colour look great too)
  • Glue (Use an instant bond glue, I’ve used kwik grip which you can buy from bunnings)
  • A Saw (Or a Stanley knife….be careful – I used a drop saw to make things faster but use what you have to cut through the cardboard tubing)
  • Scissors
  • A measuring tape
  • Sandpaper (Not absolutely necessary)
  • Ribbon in a colour that works with your fabric (My pic shows a satin ribbon but I ended up using a lace ribbon with my denim)


ready6Cardboard Tubes
ready8Fabric of your choice
ready7Tools Required

Step 1.

The best way to start is by cutting your tubes into circles. Mark your circles around the tube at 1.5cm thicknesses and then cut them out with your saw or blade (Watch those fingers)!

They can be a bit rough around the edges after cutting so give them a quick clean up with some sandpaper or trim them up with your scissors.

The amount you need will depend upon your design, as you cut them out you can start playing with the arrangement to see what you like, then you’ll know if you need more etc.

ready9Cut Circle Segments
ready12Design Idea 1
ready11Design Idea 2
ready10Design Idea 3

Step 2.

Start cutting your fabric into circles, make sure they are at least 3cm larger than your cardboard circles so there is enough fabric to wrap right around, you can use your cardboard circles to trace around and measure the extra 3cm from there (They don’t need to be perfect, we will be tucking and gluing the excess inside).


Step 3.

This is where the instant bond glue comes in handy, Spray the back of your fabric (one piece at a time) and also spray the inside and outside of your cardboard circle, follow the glue’s directions (you may have to wait a minute to let it get tacky).

Once ready pull your fabric over your circle, right over the edges and onto the insides of the circles. The glue should be holding them firmly in place, Keep your fabric as smooth as possible around the sides. (but don’t stress if it’s not perfect, we will cover those sides with ribbon).

Step 4.

Measure the circumference (outside edge) of your circles so you know how much ribbon is needed to cover those edges.

Now more glue! Glue around the edges of your covered circles (If using spray glue keep your fabric face down while you do it so you don’t get glue on your fabric) .

Now you can glue the ribbon around the edges and that it, you are done 🙂

ready13 Fabric Cut
ready14 Circles Covered
ready15 Ribbon around Edge.

Have a bit more of a play with the design if you want to, I decided on a flower like design for my little girls bedroom.


NOTE: I know you’re asking ‘How on earth do I hang my design on the wall straight?

Here’s an easy trick.

  • Get some waxed paper and join together as much as you need (sticky tape will do) so your design fits on it, lay it out so its just right. Draw around your circles with a pencil and then take your circles away, you now have the layout drawn on your waxed paper. Make sure you’re happy with it.
  • Now the clever part – Hang your waxed paper in the correct position on the wall, when you are happy with the location grab your wall tacks or push pins and pin them through the waxed paper into the wall. (I’ve pushed mine through the very top of each drawn circle.) 
  • Once you have them all in you can carefully rip away the waxed paper leaving the pins in place, there you go pop your circles up over the pins and you have a lined up masterpiece of circles on your wall. Enjoy.






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