Who knew a tyre could look this good!


leopard seat with storage



With gorgeous fabric and a well-padded top recycling tyres never looked so good.

These make great extra seats and stools for around the home.

A storage area never goes astray either so that’s a really cool added bonus.

This is the latest order I received, the request was for Leopard print fabric. I’m going to be creating a blog post soon on how you can make this for yourself.

The best part – NO SEWING!!!

NOTE: We always make sure to use a tyre that has done its work on the road and lived its life, that way the oxidation process has taken place and there is no ‘tyre’ smell.

If you are interested in ordering a custom made seat contact me for pricing and options.

White with blue trim
Stripes with storage
Triple colour on castor wheels.



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