Giving New Life to beautiful old pieces

Kitchen hutch to be renewed

As soon as I saw this cabinet I loved it!!! I loved the style, the curves, the doors, everything about it and I’m so happy to share the end result with you.

I don’t have any along the way photos as I wasn’t blogging at the time I re-created this piece but I’ll share every detail so read on.

  • The first thing I did was pull it apart and check out what was savable and what wasn’t, I pulled off the doors, the hinges were great so awesome I kept them, the little plugs that hold the shelves up were great so KEEP…woohoo, so far so good. It didn’t have all the handles so I bought 4 new ones that were pretty close to the original (from bunnings). The glass shelf amazingly was in good condition so that was a score also.
  • The base wasn’t so crash hot so I took those bottom pieces off (the rest was sound and secure). I decided to buy a length of timber moulding and added that to the base for a prettier look and also bought some nice timber feet.
  • My next step was to sand, sand, and ahhhhh sand some more… (That’s the best time to be creating in your mind what you want the final outcome to be, think about your colours, your style etc, Shabby chic was all the rage so I thought I’d lean that way). I sanded the whole lot including backing board and shelves.
  • I knew I wanted some wallpaper decoupaged in the panels so looked for that first to get your colours in mind (I did manage to score a pretty large sample piece that was big enough to fill all areas so make sure you scout around, check gumtree, ebay etc as people that wallpaper often have leftovers). From the wallpaper I loved, I picked a paint colour that would work which was Kingston Blue…a gorgeous colour!!
  • I did have a paint gun on hand so got busy with a couple of good coats (spray paint would have done just as good a job though). Let everything dry well.
  • While the actual cupboard dried I played with painting the handles I bought, they were too bronze for the look I had in mind, they ended up with lashings of black spray paint and then some silver just spritzed over the top which created a really cool effect.
  • Now that my cupboard doors were dry (they were removed earlier and had been painted while separate from the cabinet) I could get ready to infill with the wallpaper, (you could use other paper tough, If you’re going to lacquer them afterwards for protection then most papers would work). You need to cut the paper to the right size, I then used mod podge to glue them in and painted a layer of mod podge over the top as well to act as a varnish).
  • Once that was dry I could start putting everything back together, The handles went on the doors, the doors and glass shelf were put back on. Thats it, done gorgeous!
  • I loved it so much but had no room to keep it so I listed it on Gumtree and made somebody’s day, The lady that purchased it was in love, so happy to see someone else adore my vision.

So next time you see something you just love the shape and design of just remember, a few personal touches along with a new coat of paint and its better than new, better because its yours.

Beautiful Kingston Blue Kitchen Hutch

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