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I woke up one morning (as usual designing things in my head) and I thought ‘I wonder if I can screw up some old fabric and glue it together to create something pretty and textured’.

Well, after some fiddling and a few experiments this is what I ended up with, and I love it!! Its so easy and you don’t need many materials either, read on for instructions to make your very own old sheet masterpiece tree. (or of course, any other design you might like to try).

What you need:

  1. An old sheet or some cotton fabric (I raided the linen cupboard because I tend to keep sheets until they are thin enough to see through).
  2. A Canvas (New or old, I play with paint a bit so I found an old one to re-use).
  3. Mod Podge.
  4. Spray glue that says instant bond (I had some Kwik grip that Bunnings sells, watch your fingers though, I stuck myself to everything along the way).
  5. Some spray paint of your colour choice, I decided on a metallic theme so silver and gold for me.
  6. Scissors.
  7. A paintbrush and bowl for the Mod Podge.
  8. Some chalk to draw a rough guide (which I didn’t really follow anyway) and a printed idea of what I wanted it to roughly be like in the end.


1. Use your chalk and draw a rough outline of your desired design on your canvas (or freestyle it if you prefer), as you can see I’ve re-used an old canvas.

2016-03-04 10_opt

2. Cut strips of your fabric to different lengths, really roughly as we are going to screw them up anyway.

3. Spray both sides of the fabric (one piece at a time) with spray glue and roll and scrunch the fabric to make your branches, start with the trunk and the bigger branches. (Remember not to worry      about perfection, trees are not perfect, they have knobbly bits everywhere, that’s why I like this project so much, keep things natural)

4. Stick each piece to the canvas one at a time and build it up to the shape you are happy with.


2016-03-04 12_opt

5.Gradually add smaller and smaller pieces to make your tree more lifelike.

6.When you have your design complete you can always go over it and glue extra bits down or together to create extra texture where any parts look too flat.

7. When you’re happy, go over the entire design with Mod Podge with a paint brush, I wanted my fabric to be sealed for protection, I haven’t tried spray painting over everyday glues and I knew I’d be OK with the Mod Podge which is why I used that (If you try a cheaper glue and it works I’d love to know).

8. Admire your work, then let it sit and dry up really well, I left it until the next day before painting, the glue gets in all the nooks and cranny’s so let it dry well. (Give the blank canvas areas a bit of a clean up in case there are any fuzzy bits of cotton or paint brush bristles, they will stand out when you paint over everything later)

9. Check it out the next day and if you are happy then grab your spray paint and start spraying nice even strokes over the entire canvas and sides, just one good coat for now.

10. You will notice that the spray paint probably didn’t get into all of the grooves and crevices so grab a little paint brush, make a puddle of paint in a bowl and get into the grooves, you can use the same colour or add depth by using something a tad darker, I used a bronze to go with the gold but to be honest after another coat I couldn’t really see the bronze anyway.

11. Now your crevices have colour, add another coat of spray paint (making sure you have followed the directions on your can for second coat times).

12. My whole tree was gold but I very carefully added some silver around the edges.

13. That’s it!!  Let it dry and find a home for it on the wall.


All Done!! Good Work


I can’t wait to try another design, maybe an octopus with some dangly legs, a jellyfish or just some awesome abstract shapes.


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