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I hope you enjoy these quick video tutorials, I love coming up with new ideas and sharing them around.

From Dress to Cushion

Sometimes we just can’t get rid of a favourite piece of clothing, especially a pretty dress!

Turn your little girl’s faves into a cushion and she’ll get to cherish it even longer.

Transparent Prints

Try this for a different look, I just love what you can do with this technique.

Make your prints and photos transparent and stick them to almost anything.

Flower Vase Cap

Anyone can arrange flowers perfectly every time with this quick DIY hack.

No more flopping or drooping flowers!

Marbled Decorator Balls

Filled vases are part of nearly everyones decor because they just look so pretty, sometimes we just need more fillers.

Make these DIY Marbled decorator balls in no time and have your vases pop!

Classy Tray / Dish from Air Dry Clay

This is an elegant natural piece that I absolutely love! It’s so simple to create but I think impressive to look at.

I use mine for jewellery however all sorts of little bits could stow away in this easily.



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